Importing Cars to New Zealand

Looking for second hands cars of major car brands like TOYOTA, NISSAN, MAZDA,MITSUBISHI, FORD, AUDI, MERCEDES, etc.? No matter where you are in New Zealand,take a long breathe to feel relaxed since you have get to the right place. ONEJP is a specializedname in the market of second hand Japanese car exporters to New Zealand that supplies carsall over the world at quite competitive prices.

We have an access to an extensive range of branded cars in our auction search website. So, you have a wide selection of options with us. Once you will see the number of proposed vehicles,you will get mesmerized to see the available options and think which one you should go with though you visited the site with a mind about a particular car.

Big brands and competitive prices seem good to know, but what about the vehicle’s condition? Our first focus is quality assurance. We select every car with immense care. Our team checks the condition of the cars comprehensively and then we decide whether we should go with that car or not. Before shipping the car that you order for, we do full inspection of the car to ensure good condition of it. So, you should not be a little distressed in terms of quality assurance.

In order to ensure a safe and prompt delivery of all vehicles to our customers, we have taken all necessary steps and partnered with trustworthy shipping companies such as Armacup, Eastern Car Liner, Toyofuji, Hoegh Autoliners etc. At the same time we try to find best rates for ocean freight and put at least basic insurance plan on each vehicle.

Should you have any questions regarding importing cars to New Zealand ?

Please feel free to ask us, as your satisfaction is our reward.