How to buy a car

The process of purchasing a car from Japanese cars auctions can be divided into following main steps.                                                                                   

1. Registration as a user at our website and searching for a needed vehicle
2. Contacting our staff, analysing average market price for needed vehicle, calculating all expenses and estimating total price
3. Signing a purchase contract with our company and paying a deposit
4. Making a bid for a vehicle. In case the bid is succesful we send our client an invoice with total price (FOB, CIF, etc) and you must pay it within 3 business days.                        
Upon receiving a cleared payment from a client we refund the earlier paid to us deposit. In case you plan to bid for more vehicles the deposit will be kept on your account.
Also we can return your deposit any time you wish and when your bid failed.             
5. Booking a space on a ship, loading and shipping the vehicle (Date of shipping depends on port of loading)                  
6. Getting the vehicle at your port. Paying customs fees and picking up the car.                         

How to make a deposit
So that to place a bid for a car you need to make a deposit.We use PayPal or straight bank transfers for making deposits. If you wish to send us a deposit through bank transfer please let us know and we will send you our bank account details.                      

The sum needed for deposit is calculated as follows :
10% of the bid price but not less than 1000 USD. For example if you want to place a bid of 1 500 000 JPY you will need to make a deposit of 150 000 JPY (10% of the bid price) converted into USD according to exchange rate shown at our website.

Or if you want to place a bid of 70 000 JPY you will have to place a deposit of 1 000 USD (minimum sum for deposit). If you manage to buy a vehicle we send you an invoice.

After receiving a full payment from you we return you the prepaid deposit.

If we return you the deposit through the bank the bank fee for funds transfer will be deducted from your deposit.